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China Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Agent China


sourcing agents have long been associated with business in China. Sourcing agents can provide an important link between Chinese suppliers and foreign companies.

The role of a sourcing agent has evolved in China over the years.

You should always try to work with international companies that have been established in China for a long time. Avoid younger sourcing agents or those that offer goods at the lowest prices.

JIKEship China has been working with global clients since 2014. We are a European owned and managed company with offices in the US, UK, Europe and China.

Always check out a sourcing agent before doing business with them.


What does a sourcing agent do?


The typical role of a  sourcing agent is to help client companies find the suppliers and products they need.

sourcing agents bring value to client companies through their network of manufacturers and contacts in China.

They use these contacts to connect buyers and sellers.

Sourcing agents can work with one client or multiple clients.

Most sourcing agents will focus on a specific industry or sector.

TCI China has extensive experience in many different types of products and sectors.


So, what makes a good sourcing agent in China?


A good sourcing agent should be a problem solver.

You should feel comfortable and confident and therefore should expect the agent to always try to earn your trust.

provides you with a complete supply chain solution from logistics to customs clearance.

assists you in developing new opportunities for your products and services.

They should allow you to send a 3rd party inspection company to visit and audit the factory where you manufacture your goods.


How must the cost of a sourcing agent be calculated?


Traditionally, sourcing agents only charge a commission.

However, international and reputable companies may also charge a monthly fee for their services.

It is helpful if you ask what additional services the sourcing agent will provide to guarantee retention.

TCI China has introduced a range of additional China supply chain services such as sourcing contracts, export licensing, market research and logistics. It also has staff in Europe and the UK to help you.


So, what are the issues with using a sourcing agent?


Using a commission-only sourcing agent can become very expensive and risky for many purchasers.


buyers usually end up paying a higher price - for example, does the sourcing agent want to charge 10% commission on a $100,000 order, or 10% commission on a $90,000 order?

purchasing agents will only be paid when your order ships. However, they may often apply pressure to ship the goods out. It may result in a low quality product.

The  purchasing agent is not responsible for any problems that may arise.

Purchasing agents focus on generating sales to earn commissions, not on providing services to protect you and your company.