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Who should consider outsourcing their fulfillment logistics to third party logistics company?

Almost any ecommerce storeregardless of ecommerce platform, industry, or product categorycan benefit from outsourced fulfillment. Here are three signs that you are ready to outsource fulfillment to third party logistics company:


1. You ship more than 100 orders per month

While there's no magic number, if your order volume increases and you can't keep up, it's time to outsource to a dropshipper. When you ask friends and family to help you pack your suitcases or when you stay up late into the night trying to get your needs met.


This is a problem because you are inundated with low-income activities that don't generate income, which prevents you from growing. As you grow, you'll spend more time implementing and less time running your business


Every hour you spend reacting to new orders you receivepacking items, printing labels, driving to the post office, waiting in lineyou are missing opportunities to acquire more customers, develop new products, and launch marketing campaigns .


2. Insufficient inventory space

As your order volume grows, you need more inventory all the time. If you're fulfilling your order at home, it can be difficult to find storage space. A 3PL warehouse can save you from the hassle of having a garage or living room piled high with productand fights with your significant other or roommate.


Outsourcing inventory warehousing and order fulfillment to a third party logistics company can help you stay organized and manage inventory more efficiently. You can also expand your product line without worrying about inventory storage limitations.


3. You want to offer free 2-day shipping

Amazon has made free 2-day shipping a standard in e-commerce. However, if you fulfill orders yourself, offering free 2-day shipping can be a huge hit to your bottom lineespecially if you offer expedited 2-day air shipping instead of ground shipping.


Partnering with a third party logistics company can make offering free 2-day shipping more feasible and affordable for merchants of all sizes.