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Air cargo services basic concepts

.air transport services and air cargo services

Civil air transport services are open to the public commercial air transport services; it uses aircraft to transport people and materials from one place to another, engaged in the transfer of people or things in the geographical location.


Air cargo service is a place where the goods are transported to another place by aircraft transport services, such transport, including urban and airport ground transportation.


.domestic air cargo services and international air cargo services

Domestic air cargo services refers to the transportation of goods originating, stopping and destination in the same country. The domestic cargo transportation discussed in this book refers to the origin, stopover and destination of cargo transportation in the territory of the People's Republic of China.


International air cargo services refers to the transportation of goods from, through and destination in at least one place not in the same country in the transport.

.the way domestic air cargo services  

(一)from the goods themselves need to divide  

1. General cargo transportation  

Refers to the general cargo transportation in addition to emergency transport and special cargo transportation.  

2. Urgent cargo transportation  

refers to the shipper's request to the earliest flight or limited time to the destination, and the carrier agreed to accept a form of transport;.  

3. Special cargo transportation  

According to the special properties of the goods, the carrier to take a special mode of transport. These include transportation of animals; transportation of fresh and perishable goods; transportation of valuable goods; transportation of chemically dangerous goods, etc..  

4. Cargo owner escort  

According to the nature of the goods, in the process of transportation requires the care and custody of the goods, the carrier allows or requires the shipper to send a random escort form of transport. 


(二)Divided by the shipper's use of the means of transport  

1. Charter transportation  

The shipper for some purpose and the package of air transport enterprises aircraft to carry the goods of a form of transport called cargo charter transport.  

2. Charter transportations  

Shippers of consignments of goods in a certain period of time need to occupy part of the aircraft cabin alone, the carrier needs to use special measures to ensure a form of transport called cargo package transport.  

3. Package box transportation  

Package board (box) transport, is a contract transport method. That is, the shipper contracted by the carrier on a certain number of flights on a certain route aircraft assembly board, the carrier to give the shipper a certain preferential price of transportation.