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JIKE Logistics Limited: Your Top Choice for Global Freight Solutions

In an ever-evolving global marketplace, the importance of reliable logistics cannot be overstated. JIKE Logistics Limited stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of international third-party logistics. From Fortune 500 corporations to burgeoning startups, JIKE Logistics caters to a diverse clientele with a commitment to quality, precision, and safety at the forefront of its operations.

A Commitment to Excellence:


Since its establishment in 2014, JIKE Logistics has been synonymous with top-tier logistics solutions. With a dedicated team of seasoned specialists, the company ensures that every cargo is delivered in pristine condition. The driving force behind the organization is its customers, and their satisfaction is paramount. JIKE Logistics goes the extra mile to not only meet but often exceed client expectations, setting the stage for future growth and an impeccable reputation.


Services Offered:


JIKE Logistics is a comprehensive logistics provider, offering a wide range of services including:


1. Air Freight

2. Sea Freight

3. Rail Freight

4. Express Service

5. Warehouse Solutions

6. Customs Clearance


Adhering to strict principles of efficiency, preciseness, and flexibility, JIKE Logistics has earned the trust of its clients, becoming their preferred forwarder. The pursuit of excellence is a driving force behind the company's endeavors, always striving to provide superior service and value.


Global Reach:


Headquartered in the bustling metropolis of Shenzhen, China, JIKE Logistics boasts an extensive network of branches and warehouses spanning across major cities and countries, including but not limited to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe. This extensive reach ensures that goods are moved to their destinations swiftly, safely, and at competitive rates.


Mission and Vision:


JIKE Logistics has a clear mission - to be the preferred logistics partner for its customers. This is achieved by delivering innovative freight management solutions through a high-performance culture that emphasizes collaboration, accountability, safety, and exceptional service. The company's vision is to continually evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the global logistics landscape.


Connect with JIKE Logistics:


For those seeking to expand their knowledge of logistics or explore potential opportunities, JIKE Logistics offers two informative websites: jikelogistics.com and jikeship.com. Additionally, questions and inquiries are welcome, and can be directed to Viona at olm@jikelogistics.com, or via WhatsApp at +86 19179044187.




In a world where logistics play a pivotal role in business success, JIKE Logistics Limited shines as a beacon of trustworthiness, efficiency, and excellence. With a diverse array of services and a global network, JIKE Logistics is poised to meet and exceed the logistics needs of businesses both large and small. Embracing the future with a commitment to service, JIKE Logistics paves the way for seamless global commerce.


Advantages and disadvantages of export-import trade

Export and import trade plays an important role in the economic growth of any country. As the international trade process becomes a necessity for every country, export and import trade becomes very promising and rewarding. There are two sides to every coin. Any business model has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's quickly jump to the main points. Now let's discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of export and import trade? 


Export trade advantages.


1 Opportunities.

Whenever a new attractive product is launched, it attracts the attention of all importers and entrepreneurs around the world. At such times, the chances of getting maximum profit from your new ideas and innovations will increase and your export trade will become very profitable. Suppose again that any importing country has an irreplaceable regular product, you can surely put it into your product after adding more good elements to it.


2 Big importers bring huge profits.

According to the latest trends and fashions, even if your own country does not accept your goods, then you have other countries as well. This is what Export is all about. Generally, other countries will only import products in large quantities, so exporting products is very profitable.


3 Government bonus benefits.

The Indian government promotes the export of goods and they support the largest exporters in many ways. Growth is benefited as importers pay us from countries different from our own.


4 Lower production costs.

Another benefit of exporting is that it reduces the cost of manufacturing. When you export a product, you are exporting the product in bulk and mass producing or manufacturing the product will reduce the cost of production.


5 Establish global recognition.

When you export your products, your products are sold to different countries and you become a global brand. Your brand gains global recognition, so people find it more trustworthy. The more people are familiar with your product, the more profit you will make.


Disadvantages of export trade.


1 Foreign exchange rates.

Profitability can be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. In the long run, this does have a significant negative impact on the export business.


2 Economic or political conditions.

The political and economic conditions of the importing country may not remain the same every time, as the situation is always changing. As a result, export business is severely affected due to negative changes in the importing country.


3 Tensions between countries.

Recently in India we have faced a trend of boycotting China and although Indian exports have increased, it is still in the early stages and Chinese exporters have suffered significant losses.


Import trade advantages.


1. Cost savings

The reduction in manufacturing costs is a super beneficial point for imports, which will save costs despite the dependency that will be created. It is easier to import products from other countries than to manufacture them.


2. Star Importer

Importing unique new products helps the importer to get a firm foothold in the market. Whoever imports new and good products becomes the leader of the import and export market.



While importing quality products, people really accept good quality products. Nowadays, the world is changing every day, likewise, if you change the fashion or import different quality products, then people will surely accept it easily.


Disadvantages of import trade.


1. Dependence on other countries emerges, which is not good for the exporters and the growth of the country.

2. The mentality of manufacturers becomes discouraged.

3. Things get worse in this country's emergency period.


As I mentioned, there are pros and cons to everything in life, and the same is true for the import/export industry. It's all up to you, whether you want to rock the world or lose everything in the export or import trade. Don't worry, join hands with JIKEship and get practical step-by-step trade guidance.

China Sourcing Agent

Sourcing Agent China


sourcing agents have long been associated with business in China. Sourcing agents can provide an important link between Chinese suppliers and foreign companies.

The role of a sourcing agent has evolved in China over the years.

You should always try to work with international companies that have been established in China for a long time. Avoid younger sourcing agents or those that offer goods at the lowest prices.

JIKEship China has been working with global clients since 2014. We are a European owned and managed company with offices in the US, UK, Europe and China.

Always check out a sourcing agent before doing business with them.


What does a sourcing agent do?


The typical role of a  sourcing agent is to help client companies find the suppliers and products they need.

sourcing agents bring value to client companies through their network of manufacturers and contacts in China.

They use these contacts to connect buyers and sellers.

Sourcing agents can work with one client or multiple clients.

Most sourcing agents will focus on a specific industry or sector.

TCI China has extensive experience in many different types of products and sectors.


So, what makes a good sourcing agent in China?


A good sourcing agent should be a problem solver.

You should feel comfortable and confident and therefore should expect the agent to always try to earn your trust.

provides you with a complete supply chain solution from logistics to customs clearance.

assists you in developing new opportunities for your products and services.

They should allow you to send a 3rd party inspection company to visit and audit the factory where you manufacture your goods.


How must the cost of a sourcing agent be calculated?


Traditionally, sourcing agents only charge a commission.

However, international and reputable companies may also charge a monthly fee for their services.

It is helpful if you ask what additional services the sourcing agent will provide to guarantee retention.

TCI China has introduced a range of additional China supply chain services such as sourcing contracts, export licensing, market research and logistics. It also has staff in Europe and the UK to help you.


So, what are the issues with using a sourcing agent?


Using a commission-only sourcing agent can become very expensive and risky for many purchasers.


buyers usually end up paying a higher price - for example, does the sourcing agent want to charge 10% commission on a $100,000 order, or 10% commission on a $90,000 order?

purchasing agents will only be paid when your order ships. However, they may often apply pressure to ship the goods out. It may result in a low quality product.

The  purchasing agent is not responsible for any problems that may arise.

Purchasing agents focus on generating sales to earn commissions, not on providing services to protect you and your company.

Who should consider outsourcing their fulfillment logistics to third party logistics company?

Almost any ecommerce storeregardless of ecommerce platform, industry, or product categorycan benefit from outsourced fulfillment. Here are three signs that you are ready to outsource fulfillment to third party logistics company:


1. You ship more than 100 orders per month

While there's no magic number, if your order volume increases and you can't keep up, it's time to outsource to a dropshipper. When you ask friends and family to help you pack your suitcases or when you stay up late into the night trying to get your needs met.


This is a problem because you are inundated with low-income activities that don't generate income, which prevents you from growing. As you grow, you'll spend more time implementing and less time running your business


Every hour you spend reacting to new orders you receivepacking items, printing labels, driving to the post office, waiting in lineyou are missing opportunities to acquire more customers, develop new products, and launch marketing campaigns .


2. Insufficient inventory space

As your order volume grows, you need more inventory all the time. If you're fulfilling your order at home, it can be difficult to find storage space. A 3PL warehouse can save you from the hassle of having a garage or living room piled high with productand fights with your significant other or roommate.


Outsourcing inventory warehousing and order fulfillment to a third party logistics company can help you stay organized and manage inventory more efficiently. You can also expand your product line without worrying about inventory storage limitations.


3. You want to offer free 2-day shipping

Amazon has made free 2-day shipping a standard in e-commerce. However, if you fulfill orders yourself, offering free 2-day shipping can be a huge hit to your bottom lineespecially if you offer expedited 2-day air shipping instead of ground shipping.


Partnering with a third party logistics company can make offering free 2-day shipping more feasible and affordable for merchants of all sizes.

Air cargo services basic concepts

.air transport services and air cargo services

Civil air transport services are open to the public commercial air transport services; it uses aircraft to transport people and materials from one place to another, engaged in the transfer of people or things in the geographical location.


Air cargo service is a place where the goods are transported to another place by aircraft transport services, such transport, including urban and airport ground transportation.


.domestic air cargo services and international air cargo services

Domestic air cargo services refers to the transportation of goods originating, stopping and destination in the same country. The domestic cargo transportation discussed in this book refers to the origin, stopover and destination of cargo transportation in the territory of the People's Republic of China.


International air cargo services refers to the transportation of goods from, through and destination in at least one place not in the same country in the transport.

.the way domestic air cargo services  

(一)from the goods themselves need to divide  

1. General cargo transportation  

Refers to the general cargo transportation in addition to emergency transport and special cargo transportation.  

2. Urgent cargo transportation  

refers to the shipper's request to the earliest flight or limited time to the destination, and the carrier agreed to accept a form of transport;.  

3. Special cargo transportation  

According to the special properties of the goods, the carrier to take a special mode of transport. These include transportation of animals; transportation of fresh and perishable goods; transportation of valuable goods; transportation of chemically dangerous goods, etc..  

4. Cargo owner escort  

According to the nature of the goods, in the process of transportation requires the care and custody of the goods, the carrier allows or requires the shipper to send a random escort form of transport. 


(二)Divided by the shipper's use of the means of transport  

1. Charter transportation  

The shipper for some purpose and the package of air transport enterprises aircraft to carry the goods of a form of transport called cargo charter transport.  

2. Charter transportations  

Shippers of consignments of goods in a certain period of time need to occupy part of the aircraft cabin alone, the carrier needs to use special measures to ensure a form of transport called cargo package transport.  

3. Package box transportation  

Package board (box) transport, is a contract transport method. That is, the shipper contracted by the carrier on a certain number of flights on a certain route aircraft assembly board, the carrier to give the shipper a certain preferential price of transportation.